Дааврын биохими

Дааврын биохими ,    Дааврууд ,          Endocrine System Animation ,   The Endocrine System: How it Works

  Parathyroid Glands and Hyperparathyroidism: Amazing Animation., Overview of Parathyroid Disease (Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Hyperparathyroidism) , Insulin, Glucose and you ,    T cell development in the thymus, Сэрээ булчирхай гэж юу вэ? – What is the thymus gland? ,   ADRENAL GLAND,   PANCREAS – нойр булчирхай ,Thyroid gland – What’s the function of the thyroid?   ,      How a thyroid gland can become underactive .

How does Insulin work




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